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Hello, lovely fellow FemslashEx person! I’m really happy that we’ve been matched. You obviously have excellent taste, since you’ve offered one of my ships. ;) But seriously, thank you for writing for me, and I’m really excited to see what you create. You’re awesome. <3

Things I love: adventures, falling in love (especially when the characters don’t realise that’s what they’re doing), unreliable narrators, slow build, characters with plans, characters with plans that go wrong, characters in love who have difficulty making the first move (particularly if the person they're pining for is in love with them too and having similar troubles), teasing, snark, established relationships (particularly the old-marriedness and cosy bits), kissing, thorough kissing, worldbuilding, magic, working through problems, laughter and derailments and affection during sex, cuddling, domesticity, happy endings. (More porn likes, if that’s your thing.)

Dislikes and squicks: character-bashing (I adore all the characters I’ve nominated), gore, scat, torture, bestiality, under-age sex, incest, non-con. Also, I’m a vegan. This isn’t a big deal usually – feel free to have people eating cheeseburgers in the background or whatever. It’s only a squick for me if the eating of animals is graphic, dwelt on at length, and/or raw.

On to the fandoms and ships!

(Final note: I’m trying something slightly different in this letter than in other exchange letters I’ve written, which is to be relatively concise. Feel free to check out earlier letters to get a fuller sense of things/situations/plotbunnies I like, if you’re into that. :) Many of my plotbunnies and general likes could easily carry over into other fandoms.)

♥ ♥ ♥


Honor Harrington Series

Ship: Shannon Foraker/Michelle Henke

Michelle Henke and Shannon Foraker are my favourite characters in this series – although I love lots of people in it – and I just love the idea of them being in a relationship. I think their personalities would work really well together, and they’d be a formidable force to help Manticore and Haven transform themselves into allies.

It’d be hard for you to go wrong with these two. :) Either falling-in-love or established relationship works for me. Michelle showing Shannon around Manticoran technology? Michelle introducing Shannon to Elizabeth and/or Honor? Shannon being all tacticially-awesome (sorry, I am not tactically-awesome, but I love reading about it) and wowing Michelle? Worldbuilding starring the two of them? A look at how good (or bad) the two of them are at diplomacy? Porn? Everything is good. :)

♥ ♥ ♥


Benjamin January Mysteries

Ship: Dominique Janvier/Chloe Viellard

I love the world of Benjamin January. It’s so rich and interesting. I love pretty much all the main characters, but the ship I’m asking for here is Dominique and Chloe. I’m just really interested in how that would work. Chloe is very young when she marries Henri, and she seems to be very uninterested in a sexual relationship with him, happy that he has Dominique and in fact befriending her.

I’d be happy reading this ship however you see it. If you write Chloe as an asexual lesbian who falls in love with Dominique, that’s great. If you write her as a sexual lesbian who gradually realizes she’s just as much in love with Dominique as Henri is, that’s great too. If you write Henri succumbing to cholera and Dominique and Chloe later falling in love and moving away to Boston or somewhere to live together in scandalous happiness, that’s also wonderful. Falling-in-love romance and plotty (or fluffy) established-relationship are both good with me. :) If you like mysteries and want to write one, go to town, but it’s not a necessity or anything.

I love Chloe’s mind and curiosity, and Dominique’s sweetness. I love their entire personalities! Anything that keeps them them will make me very happy.

♥ ♥ ♥


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Ship: Phryne Fisher/Elizabeth MacMillan

I love this canon, and the best parts about it are Phryne, Mac, and Dot. I’m asking for Phryne/Mac here, because I love their dynamic and I totally, totally ship them. Mac is completely my type, and I adore Phryne's personality. Whether you want to write a mystery for the two of them to solve, or porn in which they never leave their bed, or friends-to-lovers in which Phryne gradually realizes that Mac’s the one she’s been in love with all along, or established relationship with tons of flirting and banter… I’m up for it. (No unresolved angst or darkfic, please.)

I love pretty much all the background recurring characters as well, so feel free to have them wander in and out as necessary. Oh, and if you wanted to tell a story about the two of them from an outside POV (Dot, perhaps? Mr Butler? (I adore Mr Butler.) Aunt Prudence? Burt or Cec?), I love outside POVs. Or maybe they have to go undercover as a couple to a secret lesbian nightclub to solve a case? Or maybe you want to talk about period sex toys? I feel like there are loads and loads of options for fics. :) Have fun!

♥ ♥ ♥


The West Wing

Ships: C. J. Cregg/Evelyn Baker Lang, C. J. Cregg/Nancy McNally

The West Wing may just be my favourite television show of all time. I know it’s over-idealistic, and unrealistic at times, and is (like most shows) vastly underrepresented in women and minority characters. But I love the writing and the heart, and the female characters it does have are some of my favourite of any show. Take C. J. She’s the absolute best, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. And Evelyn Baker Lang? Season 5 mostly sucked, but she is by far and away the best part of it. I want her to be Chief Justice so badly. And Nancy McNally? She’s super-competent and funny and badass, and I completely adore her.

What kind of fic do I want? Oh god. Anything, really, but that’s super unhelpful. I wonder what Evelyn’s confirmation process looked like, and how she and C.J. might have bonded? Or how might Nancy have helped C. J. adjust to being Chief of Staff? Or maybe during that whole episode where C.J.’s dealing with the “lesbian rumours”, maybe Nancy comes by to talk and share her own story? I can think of millions of ways that either of these two ships might have fallen in love. :) I love all that friends-to-lovers and slow-burn falling-in-love stuff, I’ll eat it up with a spoon.

Or maybe you don’t really write romance or sex, and want to do established relationship! I adore established-relationship. Or maybe you want to write future-fic! Maybe C.J. actually stayed in DC and ended up eventually falling in love with Evelyn, and now they’re married and Evelyn’s Chief Justice and C.J.’s writing her memoirs, and maybe at the end C.J. begins to wonder if she shouldn’t get back in the game (or not!)

Just like in all my other sections, I like adventures and plotty fic just as much as I like romance and fluff. And vice versa. I just really love these characters, so have fun. :)

♥ ♥ ♥


Original Work

Ships: President/Chief of Staff

You might’ve guessed from my West Wing section that I love political stuff. :) Well, I do! I’d love to see this dynamic explored. I personally lean more towards “the president & chief of staff are out & proud”, or “the president falls in love with her chief of staff over the course of her term and asks her out after it’s over”, rather than some grand coverup while in office. But pining that’s resolved at the very end is great, and so’s porn in the Oval Office.

Just like in West Wing and my other sections, I like both romance & fluff (falling in love! Pining! Friends to lovers!) and adventures & plot (diplomatic brouhaha! Congressional crisis! Domestic turmoil!). I especially like them both combined, lol, but I love them both separately as well. Whether you want to write a fic about how the President and Chief of Staff solve an international crisis, or about how they pick out curtains for their home after leaving the White House, and everything in between, I will be very happy.

(Just a note: I do love politics. I obviously wrote UK politics fic for a long time. So feel free to ladle in as much as you want – I love Santos’s sneaky Congressional maneuvre, for instance. I’m a Democrat – who agrees with 85% of Green Party policy – so bashing Democrats a lot would be a turnoff for me, but a centrist with an unspecified party affiliation is okay.)

♥ ♥ ♥


Okay, hopefully I’ve kept to my resolution of being more concise this time, while still giving you enough info and ideas! If you still want more, do check out my other fandoms for ideas (a lot of them probably carry over – like, if you want the President/Chief of Staff, C.J./Nancy, or Dominque/Chloe to investigate a mystery, or conquer a new piece of technology, go for it!) and/or my past letters. A lot of my beloved tropes and plotbunnies are panfandom (with variations, of course, for the different beloved characters.)

Thank you again for offering to write one of these fandoms, dear writer! I know I’ll love your fic. Happy writing! ♥ ♥ ♥
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