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Hello, lovely fellow Trick or Treat person! I’m really happy that we’ve been matched. You obviously have excellent taste, since you’ve offered one of my fandoms. ;) But seriously, I’m really excited to see what you create. You’re awesome. ♥

Things I love: adventures, falling in love (especially when the characters don’t realise that’s what they’re doing), unreliable narrators, slow build, characters with plans, characters with plans that go wrong, characters in love who have difficulty making the first move (particularly if the person they're pining for is in love with them too and having similar troubles), epistolary fic, teasing, snark, established relationships (particularly the old-marriedness and cosy bits), kissing, thorough kissing, worldbuilding, magic, working through problems, laughter and derailments and affection during sex, cuddling, domesticity, happy endings. (More porn likes, if that’s your thing.)

Dislikes and squicks: gore, scat, torture, bestiality, under-age sex, incest, non-con. Also, I’m a vegan. This isn’t a big deal usually – feel free to have people eating cheeseburgers in the background or whatever. It’s only a squick for me if the eating of animals is graphic, dwelt on at length, and/or raw.

TREATS vs TRICKS note: I am a fan of both! Please no body horror, hard horror, or gore in my tricks. But occult, supernatural, scary, thriller, ghosts, vampires, headless swordswomen, werewolves, etc., that's all great! Most of my prompts aren't explicitly 'trick' or 'treat' - for example, "Csethiro teaching Maia something about court life/court people" could easily be an AU in which ghosts haunt the palace once a year/Csethiro is actually a vampire/etc., or it could be "Csethiro teaches Maia how to get some alone time with his fiancée". Feel free to take the prompts in either direction! :)

ART note: I have requested art as well as fic! I am very much not an artist, so I'm not sure how good my prompts will be, but I'll try. And I know I'll love what you create, if you're an artist and you've been assigned to me. :) I do really like art, I'm just hopeless myself.

On to the fandoms and ships!

♥ ♥ ♥


The Goblin Emperor

Character: Csethiro Ceredin

I love Csethiro! Pretty much anything you write about her will make me happy, except for the things in my DNW list. If you already have a plotbunny about her - or if any of my general likes have inspired one - go for it! It'd be fun to be surprised with something. :)

If you're stuck, here are some ideas from me:
1) Csethiro's outsider POV on an event from the books.
2) What is Csethiro's reaction to Maia's accession? Being selected as his bride? Their first meeting (or the first time she saw him, before they officially met)?
3) A time when Maia and Csethiro's different childhoods and upbringing meant they had a misunderstanding over something and had to sort it out.
4) Csethiro teaching Maia something about court life/court people.
5) Csethiro and Maia getting to know each other before the wedding.
6) Csethiro talks to someone (family member? friend?) about what her expectations had been when she was chosen to be Empress, and how it's played out instead.
7) Skip forward five/ten/fifteen years. What does Csethiro's life look like? What is she teaching her children about their family's history/how to be a proper royal/etc.?
8) Canon-divergent AU in which Maia does not become Emperor, and they meet in some other situation. (Maybe his father does die, but not his brother, and his brother brings him to court.) Romance or friendship, your choice.
9) Or perhaps you don't want to write Maia at all! If so - what about Csethiro's relationship with any other character in the book? (Surprise me.) How does she relate to them? What does she think of their choices?

Art ideas (if these suck - I am not an artist - draw me something that makes you smile):

1) Csethiro and Maia's first meeting
2) Spending time together before the wedding
3) Csethiro or Maia making the other one laugh
4) Csethiro writing Maia a letter
5) Csethiro reading one of Maia's letters - does it make her smile?

♥ ♥ ♥

Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers

Characters: St George, Harriet Vane, Helen Duchess of Denver, Dowager Duchess

I have had a ridiculous amount of love for these characters for a very long time. Gaudy Night is usually the title I give when I'm forced to pick a favorite book (although it's like picking a favorite child!), and Wimsey is one of my favorite exchange fandoms. I just adore the universe and everyone in it. The mysteries! Harriet and Peter (and trusty Bunter)! Helen being so Helenish (I confess to a giant soft spot for her)! The Dowager Duchess and Miss Climpson being so fantastic!! St George and his hijinks! Photography and old books and poetry and falling asleep in a punt! It's all simply marvelous.

I am attempting right now to not be totally hopeless and just say "write me/draw me anything, dear creator!" It is hard. Some ideas, though:

1) Outsider POV is one of my favorites, so what does St George think of the events in Gaudy Night? What about an epistolary fic from Helen about Peter's idiocy in the Vane affair (or a non-epistolary fic about Helen's reaction to her husband being tried for murder)? The Dowager Duchess telling her diary about Harriet & Peter's wedding and all the commotion?
2) Who does St George fall in love with, and what do his relatives think of this person? Slash or het are both fine.
3) Anything Helen, hahaha. I love her. It strikes me that I don't really remember any interactions between St George & his mother in the books - you could correct this deficit! What does she think when he gets into one of his scrapes?
4) What was it like for Helen to marry into the Wimsey family? To marry someone like Gerald, have a brother-in-law like Peter, and a mother-in-law like the Dowager? That's a pretty daunting prospect - was Helen ever daunted? Or was she always a battleship?
5) Does anyone else in the family ever attempt to try their hand at writing a mystery story, and what does Harriet think of their attempts? They'd each have unique styles, I'm guessing. ;) I'm cracking up imagining a Dowager Duchess one, or a St George one. (I can't even imagine a Helen one, though.)
6) Family Christmas! Do they play parlor games? What are charades like in the Wimsey family? (Or would Helen disapprove too much for anything like that? Perhaps this is a Harriet-Peter get-together at their London house with St George, the Dowager, Mary, Parker, etc., without Gerald & Helen and all the pomp of Official Family Christmas.)
7) A lot of the earlier prompts can have supernatural/occult stuff inserted into them! Strange things start happening while Peter is on the Continent on assignment - can Harriet track down the source of the midnight creaks and solve the mystery? There's canonically a ghost that Harriet encounters - does she befriend it and learn more about the Wimsey family? Does St George get turned into a vampire and Helen has to Tragically Cope?

Art ideas (and again, if these suck, I will love anything!):

1) The Dowager Duchess writing in her diary (perhaps with Ahasuerus nearby, although I know cats are tricky)
2) Harriet on her wedding day
3) Harriet writing/reading a book
4) St George meeting Harriet
5) Helen looking disapprovingly at Harriet (who is sitting on a sofa maybe?)
6) Harriet looking up at Peter with a soft smile on her face

♥ ♥ ♥

The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien

Character: Éowyn

Éowyn is my favorite character in the LOTR universe, bar none. She is simply fabulous in all her beautiful complexity. Also, Mirando Otto is incredibly, incredibly stunning, and I confess that I have the biggest crush on her. Not to say anything against Arwen or Galadriel, because Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett are also gorgeous, but DAMN, Éowyn wins LOTR's Next Top Model in my book. Also, she's a kickass swordswoman and rides into battle and defeats the Witch-King and survives nearly certain death and falls in love with Faramir, who's a pretty great guy. She's got it all going on. ;)

Like in my other fandoms, I will now attempt to give you some fic & art ideas - but like in my other fandoms, if you already have a plotbunny, or if my general prompts and/or like list have inspired you, feel free to ignore these! I want you to write or draw something you're excited about and love. :)

1) Éowyn and Éomer bonding. Before the books, during the books, after the books, it's all good! Whether that's over a practice bout, Éowyn's bad cooking (maybe Éomer's is even worse!), going on a long ride and having a picnic as children, Éomer visiting Éowyn and Faramir five years after Sauron's fall - anything with the two of them would be great.
2) How do Éowyn and Arwen get on after their marriages, as they rebuild Gondor together? Are they friends? What interests do they share?
3) Éowyn and Faramir are lovely together. I ship them and happiness. Anything with the two of them. But hmm, that's not helpful. Maybe cross-cultural communication? What do Rohan and Gondor do differently? What does Éowyn have to teach Faramir, and what does he have to teach her?
4) Does Éowyn have nightmares about the Witch-King, and/or Faramir have nightmares about being sent to die by his father/almost burnt alive? Perhaps they comfort each other.
5) I love diplomacy, political maneuvering, and all that jazz. If Éowyn is a part of that, as Lady of Ithilien, I'd love to read about it!
6) There is something strange going on in Ithilien, and Éowyn is going to get to the bottom of it. Supernatural/occult/scary things await her (but she's totally got this).
7) Does Théoden's ghost ever talk to her?

Art ideas:
1) Éowyn in her garden in Ithilien. Gardening, practicing with her sword, helping her son toddle, laughing up into Faramir's face - anything!
2) Éowyn on her wedding day.
3) Éowyn cooking.
4) Éowyn and Faramir standing together in perfect harmony.
5) Éowyn looking down at her shield that the Witch-King shattered and remembering, not only her great victory, but also her uncle.
6) Éowyn with her sword (whether cleaning it, standing in position with it, facing down a vampire - up to you!)

♥ ♥ ♥

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

Character: Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Molly Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Minerva McGonagall

No matter how many years pass, I will still love Harry Potter. Forever. (Aren't you glad I didn't say "Always"?) I strongly identify with Hermione, want to be best friends with Luna, want Molly to adopt me as an honorary Weasley, am intrigued by Pansy, and want to propose marriage to Minerva. (Seriously, she is so my type.) So whichever of these characters you offered, I will love whatever fic or art you create! :)

Ideas (and again, if you already have a plotbunny of your own or were inspired by my general prompts, feel free to ignore these and create what you love!):

1) What was Minerva like in her girlhood? What kind of student was she? Did she have a girlfriend who was on the Quidditch team? (Was Minerva on the Quidditch team?) Did they find ways to sneak into the Restricted Section at night? When did she become an Animagus - was it during school?
2) How does Hermione integrate her Muggle upbringing with her magical studies? She's pretty busy during the school year with classes, but are there any Muggleborn clubs at Hogwarts that she attends sometimes? And what career does she choose? I could really see her as a politician, myself - whether in the magical world or in an AU that put her in the real Parliament (what would she think of Cameron and the pig, for instance?)
3) Like I've mentioned in other fandom sections, I love outsider!POV. What was Hermione's experience like during the Time-Turner year? What does Luna think about the Gryffindor group (who does she bond with, when Harry isn't paying attention?) What was Pansy's experience of Hagrid's classes? How did Minerva feel, watching Harry on his first day of school (or observing Hermione's earnestly voracious pursuit of knowledge)? How much does Molly enjoy sending Howlers (she doesn't enjoy the need for them, but making them is pretty fun)?
4) I'd love to see a story about Molly at school or in the first war. What was she like as a young woman? How well did she know James & Lily - was she close to Lily? What was it like to be a young mother in wartime? Was she just as ferocious in battle back then? How did she deal with Lily & James's deaths, and what was her reaction to Harry being removed from the wizarding world?
5) If you like romance and/or porn, I love Hermione/Ginny (politician & professional Quidditch player would be amazing), Hermione/Luna, Hermione/Pansy, and Minerva/OFC (or Minerva/Madam Hooch or Minerva/Pomona). I enjoy both the falling-in-love part of a romance and the established-relationship part. Both relationship-focused and plot-focused romances are great. Plot-focused - Maybe Ginny suspects that there is performance-enhancing vampirism going on in her Quiddithc league, and Hermione has to head up a parliamentary/Wizengamot investigation. Relationship-focused - is Hermione really falling in love with a Slytherin (but Pansy makes really good lemon tarts, okay, and she's got a great acerbic wit)?
6) Tricks - there's plenty of supernatural, spooky, occult, thriller elements in Harry Potter! Does Minerva have to investigate what's scaring the ghosts (perhaps she needs her Animagus form to do it properly)? Does Pansy have a crush on a particularly pretty mermaid from the Great Lake? Does Molly fight werewolves in the first war? Does Hermione do an independent research project on the Hogwarts ghosts?

Art ideas (if these suck, draw me something you are excited about & love, and I will adore it!):

1) Minerva in cat form sitting on her girlfriend's lap
2) Luna talking to one of the Hogwarts ghosts
3) Hermione in business robes kissing Ginny, who's dressed for a Quidditch match and has a broomstick under her arm
4) Molly as a young mother, with a baby on her hip and her wand behind her ear - or Molly fighting in the first war (werewolves, Death Eaters, anything you like)
5) Pansy and Hermione on their wedding day
6) Any of them studying, or laughing
7) If you're into porn, I love Hermione's big curly hair - it'd be neat to see her in bed with her partner, maybe from behind so you saw her naked back with all her hair spilling over it? IDK if that works, I'm not an art-person. (I bow down in awe to art-people!)

♥ ♥ ♥

The West Wing

Margaret Hooper, C. J. Cregg, Donna Moss

Oh, West Wing, how I love you! These three women are fabulous, and I will love any fic or any drawing with one or more of them in it. In this fandom, I particularly love their competence - they're all very good at their jobs, and I really love that. In addition, I love C.J.'s wit, Margaret's quirkiness, Donna's curiosity - everything that makes them so wonderful. They're quite simply the best. :)

Ideas (as in the other fandoms, if you already have a plotbunny or were inspired by my general prompts, please do write/draw what you are excited about and love!)

1) One or more of the trio discovers ghosts of dead presidents DO live in the White House! (Or ghosts of dead first ladies, ghosts of dead press secretaries, etc.) What do the ghosts need to tell them? Do the ghosts have an agenda? Is there a threat to the White House?
2) Donna and Margaret are friends. They regularly meet in the mess to talk about their jobs over lunch & commiserate about the daily weirdness that can occur in the Bartlet White House.
3) While C.J. is Chief of Staff, an American ambassador to (x country) is turned into a vampire. She has to deal with the fallout and manage the situation, and of course it had to happen on a Monday.
4) Donna and Margaret have been dating for six months by the time Josh notices.
5) C.J. finds herself falling for Kate Harper, which is confusing, because she went to Berkeley for grad school, so if she likes women she kinda thinks she should have figured it out before now? But maybe these things have their own time, and wow, she definitely has a crush on Kate. Obviously she can't do anything about it while CoS, but the Santos inauguration is fast approaching...
6) One or more of the trio finds themselves hurried off to a secure location, because supernatural/occult shit is going DOWN. What happens next?

Art (forgive me if my art prompts suck! I am clueless about art. But I will love whatever you draw, for sure!!)
1) C.J. absorbed in her briefing folders
2) C.J. talking to Kate, both of them looking interested in each other
3) Donna and Margaret eating lunch together in the White House mess
4) Margaret in one of her quirky outfits, listening at Leo's door
5) Donna with one of her radiant smiles

♥ ♥ ♥

Political RPF - US 21st c.

Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin

[Okay, uh, first of all, I just read over this section, and, uh, my politics are showing. Sorry. I can't help it. Hopefully you didn't offer Donald Trump because you love him and want to write a great love story with him and Ted Cruz. If you did... you know, if that's what you really really want to write, I would read it. I want you to write/draw what makes you happy. :)]

What kind of supernatural beings are Donald Trump and Sarah Palin? Donald Trump in particular, man. There are not enough superlatives to describe that guy's douchebaggery. But maybe he can't help being awful! Maybe he is an (insert supernatural monster here)! Maybe he is a one-of-a-kind supernatural monster. What is a Trump? What are its habits, and how can it be defeated? Crack is totally fine for this fandom, lol. Bring it on!

As for the others, I am a political junkie and would love to read fic about Hillary, Michelle, and/or Barack.

1) Michelle Obama, Trump-Hunter. She journeys across America in an attempt to vanquish the legendary monster, which has proven surprisingly impervious to other, less-skilled Trump Hunters.
2) Trump wins the nomination and selects Palin as his running mate. SHIT HAPPENS. Does Florida fall into the sea?
3) President Hillary Clinton having tea (or something stronger) in the Oval Office with Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Because I love Ruth so fucking much, and I can picture this scene in my brain. :D
4) AU in which Hillary and Ruth didn't marry their husbands, but fell in love with each other instead (while Senator and Justice, perhaps?)
5) The army of zombies has reached Washington DC. Barack has been whisked away to a secure location. Michelle and Hillary, however, suit up for combat.
6) I ship Michelle/Barack immensely. How about a vignette from when they were falling in love (when did she first know that this kid was a keeper?) Or how about the easy intimacy that comes from a long, loving relationship, curling up next to each other in bed after a difficult day?
7) Barack, Michelle, and/or Hillary's unedited, profane views on Trump and/or Palin. (Whether or not the latter are supernatural monsters or just human monsters.)

Art ideas (if these ideas don't inspire you, please draw something that you enjoy drawing, and I'll love it):

1) Trump or Palin as a supernatural being of some kind
2) Michelle Obama, Trump-Hunter
3) Hillary standing in the Oval Office (or sitting behind the desk)
4) Barack and Michelle, as either young lovers or as comfortable long-marrieds; perhaps him stroking her hair, or making her smile?
5) Hillary or Michelle looking absolutely badass. Or both of them looking badass.
6) If you're a Trump and/or Palin supporter, how about a campaign poster for one/both of them?

♥ ♥ ♥

Political RPF - UK 20th-21st c.

Jeremy Corbyn, The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher

So this is quite the duo, right? :D I nominated a whole host of UK political figures during the leadership election, but when it came time for signups I decided what I most wanted was these two. (But, you know, if you signed up hoping to get the chance to write a huge leadership-election orgy, more power to you! I am sure I would enjoy that, haha.)

Mostly I want these two separately, but again, if you're reading this and you have this awesome plotbunny for Jeremy Corbyn confronting the Ghost of Margaret Thatcher, I want to read/see it. I wonder what she'd think of him! Might blister his ear, lol.


1) What does it feel like to be at the center of a political whirlwind? Has Jeremy really adjusted to the fact that he's not an intractable backbencher, he's actually the Leader of the Opposition? Did he see it coming? Is he rolling with the punches? Does he pinch himself sometimes?
2) I find Diane Abbott ridiculously attractive. If you want to write me a story/draw me a picture of their long-ago romance (or maybe it's been off-and-on over the years), I would definitely be interested in that, whether it was relationship-focused or plot-focused. How they fell in love, or Diane telling him some home truths about his new leadership "because I know you better than most people, Jeremy" - either is great.
3) When (supernatural beings of your choice) attack Parliament during PMQs, how does Jeremy react? Probably inflappably; I could see him calmly waiting until Bercow (who obviously has magic) had the situation under control. And then posing a question from Mary in Walthamstow about whether Lycanthropy sufferers will be denied DLA next year.
4) After all the internecine squabbles, Jeremy's temporarily united Blairites and Brownites in mutual alarm. Does this amuse him?
5) Only if you like John Bercow and/or Dennis Skinner, but I love both of them, and I'd be quite interested in either of their POV on Jeremy's election. (I love outside!POV.)

(The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher)
1) The statues in the Members' Lobby come to life sometimes (during the witching hour/once a year/on election nights/etc.). The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher is the latest to take up her place in her statue. How does she get along with the others?
2) What does the Ghost of Margaret Thatcher think of the current political situation? (Either the real current one, or one in which some members of Parliament are Secret Vampires. Mostly Labour, because of course Vampires would be Red.)
3) What hijinks/pranks does the Ghost of Margaret Thatcher pull around the Parliamentary estate?
4) The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher has a cunning plan to somehow take over David Cameron (or Theresa May's?) body and retake her rightful place at the despatch box. What is the plan? How is it foiled? (Or IS it foiled?)

Art (if you have a plotbunny of your own, please feel free to use it!):

1) The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher haunting the Members' Lobby
2) The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher reliving her glory days standing in front of the despatch box (with or without an exasperated John Bercow in the background, come to kick her out)
3) The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher haunting Jeremy Corbyn
4) Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs, with his restive party sitting behind him
5) Jeremy and Diane, either today or in bygone days when they were a couple
6) Jeremy Corbyn meeting the Queen on the day he becomes Prime Minister ;) ;)

♥ ♥ ♥


Hopefully this has been helpful! :) If you want more info, do check out my other fandoms for ideas, and/or my past letters (under the "exchange letters" tag). A lot of my beloved tropes and plotbunnies are panfandom (with variations, of course, for the different beloved characters), and can be stolen for other fandoms.

Thank you again for offering one of my favorite fandoms! I know I’ll love your fic or art. Happy creating! ♥ ♥ ♥
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