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Oh goodness, there are no words for how amazing my two Yuletide stories are. You have no idea how widely I am grinning right now. I can't get the smile off my face, and I don't want to.

The two fics that were written for me are just so amazing, and so brilliant, and so perfect. I had told myself sternly not to raise my hopes too high, but I needn't have bothered, because these fics soar so much higher than I ever could have imagined!

That sounds over-dramatic, I know. But consider this - two of the fandoms I requested are NOTORIOUSLY difficult to write, and of course some of the characters I wanted were the trickiest ones. I know I quail at the very thought of trying to capture Lord Peter and Malcolm Tucker's voices! They are so instantly recognisable, and so iconic, and so bloody difficult to get right. But my two stories took those challenges, and they succeeded so beautifully and wonderfully.

AGH I TOLD YOU THERE WERE NO WORDS. At least no coherent ones. I think I may not be coherent until Boxing Day.

BUT READ MY STORIES. I guarantee you that you will NOT be disappointed.

(Note: Authors, these are NOT the only comments you will get from me, do NOT worry. I am known for leaving rather ridiculously long comments, so you must give me time to compose myself and write you proper odes to your genius. But this will happen soon, I promise! In the meantime, I wanted to immediately rec these to all and sundry, because they are THAT WONDERFUL.)


Role Model (Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy Sayers) - "Viscount Saint-George never meant to make a role model out of his uncle, but somehow Peter wormed himself into Saint-George's conscience."

My notes: I've always loved Saint-George. Gaudy Night may just be my favourite book of all time, and Saint-George is so wonderful in that. This is the Saint-George story I have always wanted - somehow my author wrote it with absolute perfection.

And my author captures their voices so well! Saint-George's narrative voice, Lord Peter, Harriet - I swear I could believe it was Sayers. I don't know how my author did it, I just don't - I bow in admiration.

And oh, it's beautiful, and it's funny, and it's deep, and I've read it three times already and loved it more each time, even though I wasn't sure that'd be possible. This is my head-canon now, in an immediate and unshakeable way. Do read this. You won't regret it, I swear.


The Rose And Crown (crossover between The Thick of It and UK Political RPF) - "Every year on December 9th, Malcolm Tucker goes for a drink with his alternate universe counterparts."

My notes: In my request, I mentioned that it might be interesting to see Malcolm Tucker interact with Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson. My author ran with that and gave me over seven thousand words of TTOI/Lolitics RPF. Over seven thousand words of Malcolm Tucker POV, all perfectly pitched and perfectly Malcolm, to the point where I was laughing with joy the entire first time I read it, because I could hear his voice in my head and it was just perfect, so so perfect.

And beyond the joy that is a well-written Malcolm - and I seriously cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of work this tour de force must have taken - this fic is perhaps the best crossover I've ever read. It combines a deep and thoughtful understanding of both fandoms with an unerring accuracy of characterisation and tone, and delivers a beautiful analysis of political life in both fandoms, as seen through the gaze of the characters involved.

I couldn't even have begun to imagine this much awesomeness from that one little seed of an idea in my request. It's simply beyond words. If you love either TTOI or UK politics, you have to read it, no excuses. I've read it three times and I want to read it again now.


This was my first Christmas away from home - on an entirely different continent, no less - and oh, Yuletide authors, you have made it such a lovely one. I was feeling lonely this morning, but you have cheered me up and brightened my Christmas to such an extent that I can't even explain. Thank you so, so, so much for all your hard work and for your wonderful fic and for writing for me. I am honoured and blown away and completely incoherent at this point. You have my everlasting love and gratitude. <3

*goes off to read her stories again*


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So my writer's block finally broke four days ago, and oh, when it broke it really broke! I've been having so much writing my main Yuletide fic and then oodles of Yuletide treats. I'm up to - *counts* - my main Yuletide fic and six Yuletide treats (so far). And still a couple of hours until reveal!

I also have two gifts of my own waiting for me at reveal, which are taunting me in all their anonymous mystery. Come to me, gorgeous fics! *covets*

Back to writing. ;)

Oh, I should mention before I go that I have had a thoroughly lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and that I wish you all the very Merriest of Christmases, if you celebrate! (If you don't celebrate, have some hugs and cheer for no other reason than that you're you. <3)

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I know I haven't been around LJ much for the last week or so, and I just wanted to let you know that I haven't vanished or anything. ;) I'm still on Twitter, and I'm still around, I'm just not writing at the moment. (Except for Yuletide, which I can't post yet, of course!)

I've mostly been working, and helping my flatmate get ready to move (tomorrow's the big day), and trying to stay warm. I don't know why I'm having trouble writing at the moment, but after October-November's crazy sprint of productivity, I suppose it was bound to happen. 56 fics on the 15th prompt post, in the end - so perhaps I should just relax and let the words come back when they will.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping up with Rev and Russell Howard's Good News, and slowly but surely working my way through Spooks (I'm into Series 7 now, so I've made it to the Armitage era). And trying to keep up with politics, of course! I did watch the autumn statement today, and I'll try to catch PMQs and Gordon tomorrow (hopefully helping the flatmate move doesn't conflict).

Yuletide - well, we won't talk about Yuletide. ;) Except to say that I was by turns intimidated, excited, and challenged by my assignment, and that I aim to give it my very best. It's all so ~mysterious!

I can't believe it's December on Thursday. Where has the year gone?!

On that somewhat bittersweet note, I'm off to bed. If you're striking tomorrow, good luck, and be safe! <3


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