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So I've had a whirlwind holiday season! With my little sister's cancer diagnosis, we've spent the last 9 days or so together as a family, first at my mom's for Christmas and then at my dad's for the week after. I haven't spent so long with the kids since I was 16. It's been good, just a bit loud and boisterous, but I haven't had much privacy or time. Thus no recs posts yet, and I've only managed to read and comment on a few Yuletide fics. (Three of those were my terrifically wonderful gifts! Don't worry, you'll hear much more about them in my rec post when it comes. They're awesome.)

But I did write three fics before the Christmas rush, and here they are!


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Well, that's it! That's my Yuletide reveal for 2013. Only three fics this year, as opposed to past years where I've had eight or nine, but all three of them were pretty hefty, so I'm quite happy with them. (And I do have at least one NYR still in the works.) Thanks to all the readers, kudosers, and commenters, and a special unworthy thank you to the lovely reccers. <3

P.S. To my LJ friends - we got a late Christmas present today! The oncologists called to reschedule M's appointment (to discuss a chemotherapy schedule) to February. It was supposed to be tomorrow, and we fully expected her to have to start chemo immediately. So she has a month's reprieve, which is a long time when you're 10. May all the days of 2014 be as joyful.


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